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ABOUT J. Lucky Henry

J. Lucky Henry is Boston’s #1 Video Marketing Real Estate Agent.


Lucky is goal oriented, extremely creative, and a problem solver. His goal is to sell 1 billion dollars in real estate by his 35th Birthday . As the author of the book Switch Gears and the creator of the world's first ever real estate mixtape, Lucky uses his innovation and versatility to educate people about real estate through whatever medium resonates with them. With an established track record of helping his clients sell their condos for new building records and negotiating some of the best deals for his buyers, J. Lucky Henry is positioning himself to become one of the most recognized and trusted names in real estate worldwide.


As technology continues to make the world smaller, J. Lucky Henry believes we will need to familiarize ourselves with more cultures and be able to communicate in more than one language. Demonstrating this he is more than ready for this impending reality, his fluency in over five languages and familiarity with over a dozen different cultures is one of the things that sets him apart from his peers in the global landscape. When combined with his marketing prowess and penchant for high end sales, it’s no wonder he is sought out for relocations, unique luxury properties, and investments by clients all over the world.


Having started karate at the young age of 6, it was clear to J. Lucky Henry that he would be a lifelong athlete and competitor.  While attending Merrimack College he became a starter for their football team as a freshman and earned regional honors as a track athlete that same year. He took on his first sales job during the summer of his sophomore year and has not stopped selling or indulging his competitive edge since. After college he returned to martial arts, becoming one of Boston’s most well known kickboxers and a 3x amateur champion.


J. Lucky Henry is a Boston resident and although he was born in New York, he was raised in Aruba for most of his childhood and considers the island to be his home. 

CONTACT J. Lucky Henry

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637 Centre Street Boston MA 02130

Team@JLuckyHenry.com  Cell: 978-712-0244

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