7 Tips to Sell Real Estate 

In A Digital World

How to Sell Real Estate In A Digital Wor

Your expectations on timeframe & price need to be established upfront. They also need to be in line with the market reality.


What is your goal number and what is your bottom line?


How quickly can you close? Could you accept an all cash offer closing in 7 days?


Create a plan that is based on your goals. 

How to Sell Real Estate In A Digital Wor

Who will buy your property?


Sans a crystal ball the best we can do is take an educated guess.

The best way to do this create a buyer's profile. 

Who can afford, wants and needs your house?

Think about all the reasons you first bought the property.

Your potential buyer will most likely want to enjoy some of those same benefits.

How to Sell Real Estate In A Digital Wor

Most people have heard the saying "sex sells". 


However, most people overlook the fact that stories are the most compelling part of any sale.


What story does your property tell?


If each picture is worth 1000, words... Then the quality of your media will say a lot about the property. 

How to Sell Real Estate In A Digital Wor

Leverage social media's massive data collection of humanity and target the exact profile of potential buyers for your property.

Do you live next to a golf course? Target golfers online and retarget them with a smaller clip that purely highlights the golf benefit.

This strategy is a very straight forward concept, but it is constantly evolving as new platforms pop up and rules change.

How to Sell Real Estate In A Digital Wor

With the number of adverts we are bombarded with on a daily basis, it is no wonder we have become somewhat numb to them.


How can you increase the likelihood that someone is receptive or better yet even sees your message?


Mix it in with something they want to consume. Be sure the subject you are  mixing with is a natural fit so it looks like a collaboration and not an advert.  

How to Sell Real Estate In A Digital Wor

Supply & Demand is key in any economy as a seller the more perceived demand there is around your property the better for you.


An atmosphere where everyone is clamoring about and imaging owning your property creates the perception that the demand outweighs the supply.


A well timed and well attended grand opening can skyrocket the number of offers received on your property. 

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Success in life is not based solely on "what" you know but also on "who" you know.


Sales in real estate is based not only on what is done, but who is doing it.


Choosing the right real estate sales partner is crucial.

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